‘All ovarian cancers take time and effort to deal with, and that is specially the situation with this type, that is frequently resistant against chemotherapy,’ lead investigator Dr Chris Lord, who heads London’s Gene Function Team in the Institute of Cancer Research, stated.

About 50 % of patients identified with ovarian obvious cell carcinoma possess the targeted mutation.

‘The next thing is to test whether this drug works well in ovarian cancer patients. If it’s, we’ll have the ability to have this drug to patients relatively fast as it is already approved for other kinds of cancer so we know it’s safe.’

Because the medication is already approved and considered to be safe, it may be fast-monitored into treatment centers.

The research, printed within the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, examined 68 different drugs on cancer cells with and with no mutation.


The invention points the best way to a brand new personalised therapy for ovarian obvious cell carcinoma, which accounts in excess of five percent of installments of the condition within the United kingdom.

‘In our study, we found a medication that may be good at several patients who carry mutations to particular gene within their tumours.

The medication is also being investigated like a potential therapy for other cancers, including advanced cancer of the prostate.

Dasatinib seems to focus on a faulty gene present in some ovarian cancer tumours, the study demonstrated.

Researchers still don’t know how the defective gene is related to cancer.

Laboratory screening demonstrated dasatinib stopped cancer cells using the faulty gene growing, and additional tests on rodents confirmed the drug could halt the development of ovarian tumours.

UK researches have found a pill taken to treat leukaemia may be effective against a type of ovarian cancer.

An herbal viagra already accustomed to treat leukaemia can also be effective against a particular kind of ovarian cancer, research indicates.

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