A third Llano officer, Grant Harden, was placed on paid suspension in November in a separate investigation after a grand jury issued a six-count indictment against him, the news station reported.

Phone calls to Mayor Gail Lang, the DA’s office and City Manager Scott Edmonson were not returned immediately on Friday night; staff at the police station said they had no information.

Llano Police Chief Kevin Ratliff and two officers with the Llano Police Department are on paid suspension, according to a report by KXAN. 

Llano County District Attorney Sonny McAffee told the news station Saturday the police chief and police officers Aimee Shannon and Sergeant Jared Latta were placed on suspension Friday as part of an ongoing investigation by the DA’s office and Texas Rangers. The DA did not release any details.

The three new suspensions are unrelated to that case, the DA told KXAN.

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