The album is covered in bitterness from the and surrounding suburbs and being held in the “adult existence,” yet maintains that vintage pop-punk seem that made Blink 182 very popular within the 1990s.

Rather, it’s a band attempting to re-live individuals glory days. In ways, therefore we can, for much better or worse. 

You will find moments throughout that provide off flares from the old Blink-182 and produce back a bit of that 90s nostalgia, but in general, California does not fully capture what made Blink great to begin with. Area of the attract Blink was that crude and brash aura, that has faded as we grow older.

Blink 182 will not develop on their latest album, California, for much better or worse.

Their first album in 5 years and first without co-founder and former front-man Tom DeLonge, California is basically a 16-track journey of three guys within their 40s who just miss their 20s.

Now, as the saying goes blatantly within the second track, they’re Bored to Dying.

Frontman Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and recently added Matt Skiba, sing about missing Cure concerts in the day in North Park, and yearn for through the night parties in Nobleman from the Weekend.

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