Warner stated also, he understands not every information ought to be published, especially that prohibited from release under West Virginia law.

Officials in the Department of Homeland Security haven’t been in a position to provide secretaries of condition any detailed here is how the cyberattacks happened due to high-level security issues, but Warner stated security clearance and knowledge about possible hackings is essential for secretaries of condition so these problems can be handled and fixed.

“When citizens do not have belief within the elections process, they lose belief within the democratic system,” Warner stated. “They think, ‘Why must i spend some time to election when irregularities occur?’ I wish to obvious that in West Virginia. … As politically divided because the country is, it’s important each side trust the machine.Inches

Warner stated he’s “not within the camp” that believes President Jesse Trump taken advantage of Russian election hacking this past year. But he believes modernization is required to result in the systems safer and assure American voters the election product is valid.

“Nothing dubious that we’re conscious of happened, however the realization they could cope with that firewall concerns us,” he stated. “An action required place, and we must stay up with the problem.Inches

The Department of Homeland Security informed Warner from the access produced by Russian online hackers into West Virginia’s election system because he attended the nation’s Association of Secretaries of Condition conference in Indiana a week ago. Warner serves around the association’s committee for cybersecurity and election security, that is trying to create a intend to safeguard election systems from online hackers.

Warner recommended Wood County Clerk Mark Rhodes, and also the West Virginian is among two county clerks having a voice around the national commission.

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