The conclusion was silly, clearly. MITB finishes happen to be screwjobs before—Seth Rollins won after Kane interfered to avoid Dean Ambrose from the sure victory. But nothing you’ve seen prior has anybody simply enter into the match, grabbed the briefcase, and trained with towards the person they desired to win. The match isn’t any-disqualification, so logically Carmella is really the champion, despite the fact that it’s never been done before. (We only hope this can not result in wrestlers getting knives or guns towards the ring during no-DQ matches.)

Then Ellsworth, the valet for Camella, rose the ladder themself. He unlatched the briefcase, held it in mid-air, then dropped it lower to Carmella. The bell rang, after a little bit of referee bickering—where did three refs originate from?—Ellsworth announced Carmella because the first-ever “Miss Money staying with you.Inches Her music performed.

People didn’t such as the finish when Kane interfered so Seth Rollins could win MITB, however it brought to some memorable cash-within the primary event of WrestleMania as well as an entertaining run like a heel champion. Carmella and Ellsworth could possibly get heat by teasing a money set for a couple of days (or several weeks) then Carmella eventually will get an undeserving title run before Becky Lynch (or whomever) eventually knocks her off and away to win the title. Or possibly Lynch will get a go in the briefcase as a result of ruling on SmackDown Live, wins it, after which she cashes in. There’s lots of different directions WWE will go.

However I a lot like it. A great heel bends the guidelines. Ellsworth continues to be helping Carmella win matches since she comforted him after he lost his title match to some.T. Styles last December. (Yes, the A.J. Styles/Dean Ambrose/James Ellsworth feud directly segued into Ellsworth becoming Carmella’s valet. An uncommon demonstration of everything fitting into position!) Naturally, now he’s helped her win MITB.

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