Hughes, a self-styled daredevil who set a Guinness World Record in 2002 for any limousine jump, did fly a homemade rocket one fourth mile over Arizona in 2014. The flight ended with him pulled in the rocket, and that he had to utilize a master for 2 days because of his injuries. However Hughes intends to soar again – this time around using the backing from the flat-Earth community.

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Hughes told the Connected Press, “I don’t have confidence in science. I understand about the rules of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and just how things undertake the environment, concerning the certain size rocket nozzles, and thrust. But it is not science, that’s only a formula. There isn’t any distinction between science and sci-fi.Inches

Certainly one of his sponsors is really a group known as Research Flat Earth. Online outlet The Daily Plane launched a GoFundMe page for Hughes, saying, “Knowing that NASA doesn’t send anybody to space, Mad Mike could be among the only real people up in mid-air inside a rocket.” Individuals have contributed over $7,000 towards the page.

A few days ago, one man intends to launch themself 1,800 ft in to the air inside a steam-powered rocket he earned themself from salvaged parts from his garage – inside a mission to prove Earth isn’t round, but flat. “Mad” Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old limousine driver, describes themself on his website as “the only man to ever to create, build, and launch themself inside a rocket.” His ultimate goal would be to launch several miles above our world to capture photo taking evidence we survive a disc.

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Through The Washington Publish and also the Connected Press

Hughes thinks a conspiracy of astronauts produced the look of Earth like a globe. However The Washington Publish stated Hughes is really a recent flat-Earth convert. He didn’t raise much cash for any follow-as much as his 2014 flight a Kickstarter campaign with two backers didn’t mention the flat Earth idea. But Hughes stated after several weeks of research, he’s now a believer.

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