“It’s so awesome that Marcus could achieve into his pockets, create a really awesome Saturday of these kids,” Glidden added.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota provided 1,000 youths an chance to witness Hawaii’s game against North Park Condition over the past weekend.

The youths used “Got Motiv8-ed” t-shirts in the game. The eight in Motiv8 honors Mariota’s jersey number and hometown, the 808, where his foundation does what its name states, motivate youth to dream big through education and athletics.

Mariota, in the third season using the Titans, appeared at St Louis Full of Honolulu.

It had been Motiv8 night in the College of Hawaii, and kids in the After-School All-Stars Hawaii program, additionally to 500 more in the Boys and Women Club of Hawaii, Special Olympic games Hawaii, and Nanakuli, Kapolei, and Waianae high schools, counseled me attending, chartered by Mariota and the Motiv8 Foundation.

“Just an excellent gesture with a guy who’s not just a great example but is really a guy who’s an excellent person for that condition of Hawaii, specifically for youthful people like a example,” Motiv8 Foundation volunteer Wealthy Miano told KHON-2 in Honolulu.

“We are super, super excited and incredibly fortunate that Marcus Mariota backed our tickets together with his foundation, Motiv8,” Maria Glidden, After-School All-Stars Hawaii, told KHON-2.

“He’s doing things using the destitute. He’s doing back-to-school stuff with backpacks and college supplies, and he’s ongoing to try and build this foundation up so he is able to influence increasingly more youthful individuals Hawaii,” Miano told KHON-2.

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