“I cannot say enough concerning the tremendous work of those dedicated professionals to eliminate the Everglades of the destructive python threat,” Dan O’Keefe, chairman from the governing board, stated inside a news release captured. “Eliminating one snake in the Everglades is a lot more than the usual single kill. It’s preventing forty to fifty more snakes by destroying a sizable female transporting forty to fifty eggs, and it is the numerous quantity of native Florida creatures able to escape in the jaws of those killing machines.”

Leon seemed to be identified by the district in August, after he caught the 500th snake from the hunting season. It had been only 7-ft long—much smaller than Friday’s kill.

The district is in financial trouble to Leon when it comes to both financial compensation—he’ll obtain a $375 reward for getting the snake in—and his efforts to get rid of the non-native pythons. Experts disagree on just the number of from the reptiles have been in Florida, with estimates varying from 10,000 to 100,000, however the threat they pose is apparent.

Here’s an uncommon factor scarier compared to current news cycle: A guy lately found and wiped out a 17-feet, roughly 130-pound Burmese python in Florida.

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