“It’s a substantial operation,” he stated, adding that general anesthesia was utilized and “there was clearly an abnormality which was concerning enough for him to undergo this.”

But the position of the clot might be suggestive of some thing. “The operation appears to possess gone well, only one factor important to note is the fact that Senator McCain has past invasive melanoma around that area,” Gupta stated.

Gupta was certainly one of a select number of reporters who reviewed McCain’s medical records in 2008 as he was campaigning for president.

“They’re calling it a bloodstream clot. When it’s removed, you need to view it particularly underneath the microscope and find out if there’s something that indicated this may be melanoma. You attempt to get rid of this early and strongly,” he stated.

Gupta prefers to consult the clot being an “abnormality” because lab answers are still pending and, “it’s a fairly significant size compression with that area of the brain.”

The clot was within the senator’s left eye, near the left temple where he was identified as having melanoma in 2000. The large concern is this fact bloodstream clot could signal a recurrence, based on Gupta.

Sen. John McCain, 80, is recovering at his Arizona home following surgery on Friday to get rid of a bloodstream clot above his left eye, based on his office. The clot is discovered throughout a routine physical a week ago, based on an announcement.

Lab answers are pending around the tissue round the clot. “Once the pathology details are available, further care is going to be discussed between doctors and also the family,” based on the statement.

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