Legendary T. rex along with other meat-eaters “look like dwarfs whenever you place them against one of these simple giant titanosaurs,” Pol stated. “It’s like whenever you put an elephant with a lion.”

At 76 tons (69 metric tons), the guarana plant-eating behemoth was as heavy like a takes space shuttle.

The dinosaur’s fossils put together in southern Argentina this year. Researchers who examined and dated them stated the lengthy-necked creature was the greatest of several large dinosaurs known as titanosaurs.

Scientists have known titanosaurs for some time, but this can be a new species or even a new genus, that is a bigger grouping, Pol stated. Another titanosaur known as Argentinosaurus was formerly regarded as the biggest.

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“I don’t think these were frightening whatsoever,Inches Pol stated. “They were most likely massive big slow-moving creatures.”

Six fossils from the species were studied and dated to around 100 million years back, according to ash found around them, Pol stated. The dinosaur averaged 122 ft lengthy (37 meters) and it was nearly 20 ft high (6 meters) in the shoulder.


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