The three-game stretch revealed a series of issues for the Spartans, who will have five days off to work on them before facing Indiana at home on Friday.

They went to bed on Saturday night with their regular season seemingly at a crossroads and with little room for error in a Big Ten race they once seemed poised to dominate.

EAST LANSING – Michigan State players woke up on Sunday morning having won 14 straight games by an average of more than 28 points. They were playing for a team ranked No. 1 in the national polls and playing as well as any team in the country.

“I just couldn’t make a shot in the second half, and I tried to go in the post,” Bridges said. “I couldn’t make a 3 today.”

“It determines what type of team we have,” Spartans forward Miles Bridges said. “Are we going to go down or are we going to go up? It’s really on us.”

“Everything we do to prepare is fine, it’s just we just have to do it in the game,” Jackson said. “It’s like we have the answers, we just have to take the test.”

On Sunday, Ward was matched up with Michigan forward Moritz Wagner, whose mobility provides a challenge for a more traditional post-up big man like Ward. Izzo said he placed more blame on how the Spartans’ guards defended ball screens, and how they forced Ward to provide more help and get out of position.

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