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  • Tesco Guacamole  Weight: 163. g
  • Waitrose Guacamole  Weight: 200. g
  • Waitrose Guacamole Reduced Fat  Weight: 200. g
  • Waitrose Dip Tex Mex Trio  240. g

“Anyone and also require consumed packaged guacamole in the U.K. and it is feeling unwell is suggested to find medical health advice immediately. Remembered meals found with matching identification ought to be discarded or came back towards the store for disposal along with a refund.”


The Ministry stated that listed here are remembered, with sell by dates up to 2 This summer:

“These were given to local retailers selling Tesco and Waitrose brands and then any unsold product continues to be came back by them. However items already offered to consumers can always maintain refrigerators over the island,” the Ministry stated.

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The Secretary of state for Health insurance and Seniors is counseling the general public about remembered guacamole in the Uk because of the possible existence of salmonella, stating that “if consumed these items could pose a significant risk to human health.


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