The St. Cloud Occasions reports that Arbor Hair Studio has partnered with Canada-based Eco-friendly Circle Salons. It is the tenth salon in Minnesota to utilize the Canadian company.

Stylists put cut hair into designated bins rather of tossing them. The bins will be sent to an Illinois warehouse where the organization repurposes your hair through various projects.

Arbor also offers separate waste bins to gather metal products.

A spokesman for that Minnesota Pollution Control Agency states it is a good factor when companies do something to lower their ecological footprints.

Eco-friendly Circles aims to recycle as much as 90 % of waste that salons normally send to landfills.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) – A St. Cloud beauty salon is joining other salons in order to recycle hair waste to be used in from pet beds to grease spills.

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