An worker, who wanted to stay anonymous, told Motherboard that:

A number of individuals who see themselves as targets from the senior software engineer have threatened to depart the organization whether it does not rectify the issue. How Google handles the problem is going to be quite important as they say: standing in the center of the street is extremely harmful you receive knocked lower through the traffic from each side.

“The broader context of the is this fact individual is possibly bolder than most people at Google who share his point of view – of thinking women are less qualified than men – to the stage he was prepared to openly argue for this. But you will find sadly more and more people like him.”

Source: Motherboard

The incident comes in a sensitive here we are at Google. It’s presently being investigated through the Department at work more than a gender pay gap. The Department at work has formerly stated that there’s “systemic compensation disparities against women virtually over the entire workforce” which there’s “compelling proof of very significant discrimination against women in many common positions at Google headquarters.”

The worker who authored the document contended that the reason behind the pay gap was because of biological reasons. Additionally they stated that Google should promote “ideological diversity”, stating that Google should not offer programmes for racial or gender minorities.

A document has apparently been distributing around Google in recent days. It’s only been shared internally right now but several employees have reveal the contents and apparently, there’s misogyny involved. Based on one worker, the document was met with prevalent derision but were able to gain partial traction too.

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