A Bluffton man reported missing through the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office on This summer 1 has been discovered and it is seeking treatment at Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

Riley stated there wasn’t any suspicious or criminal offense.

An agent from Beaufort Memorial stated Smythe is presently being evaluated by doctors within the er. Medical staff has yet to find out if he’ll be treated or released.

The Sheriff’s Office sent a reminder yesterday that police force were searching for Luke Smythe, a 36-year-old white-colored man, who had been last seen putting on a black shirt and black and eco-friendly camouflage shorts around Lake Lindon Drive in Bluffton at 9:30 p.m.

Captain Michael Riley stated he believed Smythe was reported missing by a relative and the disappearance involved a “medical type situation.” The Sheriff’s Office was notified that Smythe had came back home securely and it was taken for treatment.

Police launched a notification early today that Smythe have been securely situated.

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