And since Khan’s appearance on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity last month he has sent the brunette beauty an astonishing 77 messages in a bid to meet up with her.

Emma said: “I was surprised, ­suspicious, hesitant. I thought ‘does he want to confront me?’

Over the following weeks the two continued to exchange messages.

She quickly received ­replies, with Amir writing: “Keep the pictures coming ha,” and “pull the covers down lol.”

When she later sent him a photo of her bedroom he responded: “Wow that our bed ha.”

“But I was cross with him, especially after him saying all the stuff about ­being back with his wife. I sympathise with Faryal. He says he feels trapped ­because she is pregnant and that he doesn’t want to be in that relationship. He said she’s only with him for the fame.

November: Amir gets back with wife Faryal before going on I’m A Celeb.

In the run-up to Monday’s TV ­appearance he contacted Emma trying to arrange a meeting with her in the city on Friday night. During the ITV ­appearance, Amir told how he had gone into the jungle to show people he was a family man.

December 17: Messages Emma again, asking to meet up in Manchester

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