So here’s phone private schools rated by cost within the 20 Michigan counties using the largest choice of private schools. The caveats: Typically, only schools with a minimum of 100 students are incorporated, and also the rankings derive from full, undiscounted tuition.

Michigan private school tuition averages about $8,500 this school year, according to an MLive survey in excess of 300 private schools through the condition, but price varies broadly over the condition.


Indeed, the private senior high school tuition in Oakland and Washtenaw counties is nearly double the amount average elsewhere.  As well as the 35 most costly private schools within the condition, 3 can be found outdoors of metro Detroit or Ann Arbor.

Michigan’s most costly private schools in 2017-18

First, here a database with tuition rates for 318 Michigan private schools, that is almost 90% of colleges enrolling a minimum of 100 students, based on a listing published by the condition.

And, to be certain, the county-by-county breakdown implies that “costly” is relative: The more costly private school inside a county for example Saginaw or Muskegon will be a bargain in metro  Detroit.

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