Muirfield has introduced it’ll hold a brand new ballot to determine whether or not to admit female people just six days following a similar proposal was declined. 1022.6666666666666x767__origin__0x0_Muirfield


Thomas Bjorn mocked the club’s failure to “join us these days.Inches

“The club committee thinks that the obvious and decisive election towards acknowledging women as people is needed to allow us to start the job of rebuilding the status from the club that’s been broken through the earlier ballot outcome.”

The R&ampA removed Muirfield in the roster for hosting outdoors Championship after May’s election, which saw 64 percent of people election towards altering the guidelines to permit women people.

Caused by the very first ballot was roundly criticised by professionals and political figures.

Royal Troon, may be the only other club around the Open rota to not allow women people.

HCEG captain Henry Fairweather stated, “A substantial most of our people chosen for change and lots of have voiced their disappointment using the ballot result with subsequent occasions.”

Troon is scheduled for hosting 2010 Open championship and introduced forward a election around the issue of ladies people to This summer 1 following Muirfield’s removal.

At that time, the R&ampA stated it might consider reinstating Muirfield if “the policy in the club should change”.

A 2-thirds majority is needed to alter the Scottish club’s metabolic rate.

British Pm David Cameron known as the rule “outdated”, while Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described Muirfield’s decision as “indefensible”.

Former world number 1 Rory McIlroy stated: “It’s wrong for hosting the world’s greatest tournament in a place that doesn’t allow women to become people. Hopefully, Muirfield can easily see some sense so we can have it fixed around the Open rota.”

Who owns Muirfield, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, known as a unique meeting to find permission from people for any second election.

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