When confronted with the Myanmar’s government indifference and also the silence of Aung San Suu Kyi – Myanmar’s de facto leader – who declined to sentence the shocking actions of Myanmar army from the Muslim-minority, countless youthful Rohingya have became a member of The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a Rohingya insurgent group. Based on their leader Ata Ullah, ARSA’s mainly objective is “to liberate our individuals from dehumanized oppression perpetrated by all successive Burmese regimes”. ARSA, which frequently distanced itself from Al Qaeda and ISIS, has transported out number of attacks against security forces in Myanmar.

The worldwide community should begin taking serious actions to prevent these jihad rallying calls. You will find number of options that may begin with recalling ambassadors, to closing embassies or perhaps imposing economic sanctions. This political inaction creates vacuums that may be easily exploited by terror groups for his or her own agendas, turning Myanmar into another hotbed of worldwide terrorism.

However, Al Qaeda rushed to benefit from the problem by with support from the Rohingya and threatening to punish individuals who caused their suffering. “We make use of all mujahid siblings in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and also the Philippines to create out for Burma to assist their Muslim siblings, and to help make the necessary formulations — training and so on – to face up to this oppression,” the terrorist group stated inside a statement.

Reports cautioned that ISIS fighters are following suit. A suspected ISIS follower was arrested in Malaysia for intending to carry attacks in Myanmar, based on the mind from the Malaysian police counter-terrorism division, Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

The United nations issued many statements concerning the crisis in Myanmar, “called for” an finish of violence and lots of United nations officials described the crisis being an “example of ethnic cleansing”, but calling a spade a spade if you don’t take an effective action to relieve the plight of individuals suffering may be worth nothing.

400,000 desperate Rohingya refugees, mostly children, have entered borders to Bangladesh, based on the UN’s newest estimates. Seeing their own families being wiped out or displaced, Rohingya youth are vulnerable and can be seduced to battle for militants to revenge especially since there’s no real action in the worldwide community to deal with their ongoing crisis.

Indonesia’s extremist Islamic ­Defenders Front known as for volunteers to wage jihad in defence of their Muslim Rohingya population. Also Bangladesh’s radical group Hefazat-e-Islam threatened to produce jihad against Myanmar.

How a worldwide community is answering Rohingya ethnic cleansing in Myanmar isn’t just insufficient but additionally very harmful because the crisis is attracting attention of extremist groups around the world.

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