Her mother Lakshmi Kaul said her daughter’s death would be a “nightmare we’ll live and relive each and every moment in our lives remaining”

But after taking only one bite of her breakfast, the schoolgirl turned “completely blue” and passed out. 

“We’re saddened to notice that certain in 3 youngsters are allergic within the United kingdom. Every one of these is prone to severe allergic attack to another thing and potential dying,” she authored.

“Both Vinod (Nainika’s Dad) and that i (Nainika’s Mum) are extremely shaken with this horrible incident and also make our little contribution to aid research and work done on allergy care within the United kingdom.

Her father immediately attempted to deal with her with an Epipen and paramedics arrived at her home in Harrow, northwest London, within seven minutes. 

A nine-year-old girl died from a hypersensitive reaction after going for a single bite of the pancake her father had cooked on her. 

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