NASA has effectively examined its booster which are more effective rocket on the planet. The booster test was carried out for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), the rocket which will take us to Mars later on. The booster was thrilled because of its last qualification ground test in the Orbital ATK’s test facility in Promontory, Utah on Tuesday, June 28th.

“Seeing this test today, and encountering the seem and feel of roughly 3.six million pounds of thrust, allows us to understand the progress we’re making to succeed human exploration and open new frontiers for science missions in deep space,” stated William Gerstenmaier, affiliate administrator for NASA’s Human Exploration and Procedures Mission Directorate.


During flight, the boosters will give you 75 % from the thrust required to escape the gravitational pull of the world. The 2-minute test provided NASA with critical data to seen by engineers to find out if the booster is licensed for flight.

After engineers assess the data and when the booster qualifies for flight, it ought to proceed to be utilized on SLS’s first unmanned test flight with NASA’s Orion spacecraft at the end of 2018. That test flight is a key milestone to NASA’s Journey to Mars.

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