‘Because of the Juno-Jupiter-sun angle when the spacecraft captured this image, the higher-altitude clouds can be seen casting shadows on their surroundings,’ Nasa said in a statement at the time. 

Intersecting the belt is a ghost-like feature of slithering white clouds. 

It was processed and colour enhanced by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstadt and Sean Doran. 

Juno was positioned at a latitude of 57.57 degrees – nearly three-fifths of the way from the gas giant planet’s equator to its north pole. 

A stunning Nasa image shows raging storms on Jupiter with clouds that stretch for thousands of miles. The spacecraft captured the image, which has been colour-enhanced, while only 11,700 miles (19,000 km) from the tops of Jupiter¿s clouds

A ‘string of pearls’ was pictured in the image at 40 degrees south latitude on the gas giant planet.

This illustration depicts Juno soaring over Jupiter¿s swirling cloud top. The craft comes close to the surface of Jupiter for just a few hours once every 53 days. The probe can't take images through the duration of the flyby, and instead targets select regions during each close approach

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