Natural Cycles works better compared to pill, based on the latest and largest study in to the app’s effectiveness. After testing 22,785 women throughout 224,563 menstrual cycles, the startup found the application provided 99 % contraceptive effectiveness if used perfectly. If used “typically”, the application was 93 percent effective. The contraceptive pill, meanwhile, is 91 percent effective.

Natural Cycles was the very first application to become approved as a kind of contraception within the EU, and the organization makes not a secret of their intends to win certification worldwide. Getting Food and drug administration approval to be used in america will be a significant milestone. In August this season The Verge printed articles analyzing Natural Cycles’ position within the mobile health space, noting that it is printed research up to now did not yet meet contraceptive effectiveness standards. This latest study moves the goalposts, and therefore the Food and drug administration could approve a fertility application earlier than expected, so when it will, it’ll most likely be that one.

The application shows users when it is safe to possess unprotected sex (a eco-friendly day) or when other contraceptive methods for example condoms ought to be used (a red day) because of body’s temperature readings — after ovulation a boost in progesterone makes women’s physiques as much as .8 F greater than normal. The application helps women both plan and stop pregnancy, and it has proven just like effective for individuals with irregular periods, or individuals who’ve just appear other cycle-disrupting types of contraception, like the pill or injections.

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