Defensively, it’s a mess, and when his shot is not as reliable as his figures indicate, this combo is really a disaster. Body here is not great. But Ball is probably the very best player around the board if Fultz and Jackson have left, and GMs more often than not choose best player available. 

Jayson Tatum: The worst-situation scenario for Tatum is the fact that he’s Rudy Gay , who does not create for other people, does not defend at an advanced and is simply a mid-range jumpshooter. 

Paul George : This is really from the table. The leak that George won’t re-sign using the Indiana Pacers and “prefers” the Opposing team removes any leverage the Pacers have, and also the Celtics can’t deal no. 3 pick for any guy on the one-year rental using the potential he leaves each year. The Celts have been in a much better position to convince George to re-sign the coming year when they deal for him than any potential suitor outdoors from the Cleveland Cavaliers , but quitting the 3rd pick continues to be too large a danger. 

Jimmy Butler : This will make a bit more sense. Butler’s secured on the longer-term cope with the Chicago Bulls , therefore the Celtics are able to afford the equity on buying and selling for him. He provides them a top-notch defender and scorer, by simply investing in smallball in moving Jae Crowder to four, they kill two wild birds with one stone. Can Butler operate with no ball effectively? He and Isaiah Thomas might find it difficult to share the ball, but you need to assume Kaira Stevens would decipher it. 

However the best-situation scenario is really a dynamic combo-forward who are able to score off-ball by any means of the way, is really a capable defender and it has some underrated passing skills that, if developed, might be great. Tatum upgrades the Celtics’ offense together with his versatility in scoring. He’s exactly the same wingspan as Blake Griffin , and may operate like a hybrid of Tobias Harris and Griffin (without Griffin’s explosiveness). Taking Tatum goes for skill excellence versus. Jackson’s versatility. 

Talking about, an essential note: taking Jackson may be the best play when they aren’t able to find an offer, since he’ll possess the most value in trade discussions publish-draft. Ball matches very certain situations, Isaac could be a achieve and Tatum will not have a similar value. But Jackson is going to be just like useful for August because he is appropriate now, and he’s the only real player outdoors of Fultz like this. 

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