Silver and deputy commissioner Mark Tatum used “#OrlandoUnited” T-t shirts to exhibit their support for sufferers from the attack in a club for the reason that city earlier this year.

National basketball association/WNBA – FIRST professional league to march &amplifier possess a float in PRIDE Parade, New york city!!

Former National basketball association player Jason Collins, who introduced he was gay as he was an energetic player in 2013, and former WNBA player Sue Wicks, who introduced she would be a lesbian in 2002, when she performed for that Liberty, were among reps from the leagues aboard the float.

The National basketball association tweeted pictures in the parade.

WNBA president Lisa Edges also marched within the parade and tweeted concerning the historic nature from the National basketball association and WNBA’s participation.

— WNBAPrez (@WNBAPrez) June 26, 2016

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