• House Bill 1269 updates the state’s Good Samaritan law for reporting drug overdoses. It states one is immune from prosecution for drug possession charges when they, “in good belief,” seek medical attention for somebody overdosing on drugs.

Here is a breakdown on probably the most notable legislation condition lawmakers passed this season which will become effective Tuesday.

• House Bill 1430 expands the state’s distracted driving laws and regulations. Underneath the new law, a person might be reported and fined $100 for distracted driving if they commits a traffic offense or perhaps is in an accident while distracted. It had been already illegal to text while driving in North Dakota, however the bill’s supporters stated it recognizes other activities can draw attention away from motorists.

• House Bill 1311 enhances the fines for littering on North Dakota highways from $100 to $500. There have been only five such offenses recorded in 2015 and 2016, based on a monetary note around the bill.

• Senate Bill 2152 shields public record information associated with applicants for government jobs in North Dakota. It states any records identifying a job candidate for income having a “public entity” are private, aside from records associated with 3 or more designated finalists. Supporters stated it protects applicant privacy and encourage more and more people to try to get public jobs, while one opponent known as it an “assault” on taxpayers’ right to understand about their government’s actions.

• Senate Bill 2295 exempts records associated with a Title IX complaint or analysis in a condition greater education institution in the state’s open records law whether it contains “your personal data in regards to a party towards the complaint.” An exempt record isn’t needed by condition law to become opened up towards the public. Title IX from the Education Amendments of 1972 is really a federal law that bans discrimination according to sex in teaching programs that receive federal funds.

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