Tesla takes a “proactive measure” from an “abundance of caution,” the organization states, in handling a problem having a cable utilized in the modifying of second-row seating in a tiny percent of Model X vehicles. The automaker has issued a voluntary recall, that will affect 11,000 Model X vehicles it want to inspect — although it believes only 3 % of individuals cars really exhibit the problem.

A Tesla spokesperson provided the next statement to TechCrunch concerning the Model X recall:

The issue is discovered via internal testing, per Tesla, and essentially requires the cable that controls the reclining of these two rear seats being too tight in certain vehicles, meaning once the seats are folded support from the flat position, they may not fully secure place again. This might theoretically lead to problems if adults have been in the seats in situation of the accident, though Tesla states they haven’t seen anything associated with this trouble in the field, or perhaps in any customer vehicle by yet.

Tesla is going to be emailing customers with affected models today, and will also be organizing service appointments. Both 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles were affected, but the good thing is that Tesla states that even when it finds an automobile has got the problem, no additional parts are needed and also the fix takes no more than ten minutes.

The carmaker also states it may really address the recall entirely having its global mobile service fleet, and therefore nobody must have to technically get into something location to have it fixed. Tesla states that it is presently managing around 30 % of their repairs in certain markets while using mobile service option, which has been doing 40 % from the Takata airbag recall servicing it handled within the last month via this process.

Tesla takes a positive action to guarantee the safety of a number of Model X proprietors who may require a spinal manipulation for their second row seat. Model X has gotten the highest rating in each and every category and subcategory in independent safety tests conducted through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so we still conduct our very own internal testing to make sure that Model X continues to be the safest Sports utility vehicle on the planet.
During recent internal testing, Tesla determined that a small amount of cables within the second row fold-flat seats in certain 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles might need to be adjusted. Although Tesla hasn’t received reports associated with a issues or accidents concerning this condition, we are performing a voluntary recall to examine the affected vehicles and ensure whether any adjustment is required. Although we’ve never witnessed any incidence from it within the field, internal testing has established that when the cable isn’t correctly adjusted, the seat back around the left side from the second row seats could move ahead throughout a crash.
Tesla is going to be utilizing its mobile repair shop to conduct repairs as part of this recall – we are able to address 100% of those repairs via mobile service, and customers may have careful analysis do this in order to bring their vehicle right into a Service Center. Previously two several weeks, we’ve conducted roughly 40% from the Takata airbag recall repairs via mobile service, and client satisfaction recent results for our mobile service offering are consistently above 97%.

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