An invoice that just bans delivering messages while driving will have a really limited impact.

Because it stands, the statewide texting while driving ban could leave individuals tighter local rules in position. But Gov. Abbott is pushing for legislation throughout the legislature’s approaching special session that will “preempt local ordinances which go past the statewide texting ban,” based on the Texas Tribune. Abbott states he really wants to make Texas law regarding distracted driving more uniform.

It is not a dreadful idea — in the end, the rule of law suffers under too great inconsistency in one county to another. Nobody is prone to change their driving habits according to what city they are actually passing through. But around conflicting local and condition laws and regulations might make Texas a far more harmful place, so poor rules on using cellphones while driving, making moving back individuals rules in the local level a tremendously stupid idea.

Inside a legislative session rife with bills targeted at making existence miserable for transgender people, undocumented immigrants and ladies seeking abortions, the texting while driving ban appears refreshingly sane and uncontroversial in comparison. Aside from the most fanatical libertarian (and ok last one, our former governor) who’d oppose an invoice that bans a behavior shown to raise the chance of any sort of accident?

Ever the paragon of leadership, the condition of Texas grew to become the 47th in america to sign into law a ban on texting while driving a week ago. What the law states is placed to consider impact on Sept. 1.

It’s surprising that Gov. Abbott, an adamant defender of states’ legal rights, could be so wanting to impose the desire of the bigger government over its local subordinates. But when he desires to make Texas law more uniform while making Texas a much safer place, he should notice that texting while driving is simply one a part of an element that was accountable for over 1.5 million crashes nationwide in 2013 and get the legislature to pass through legislation targeted at stopping all mobile phone-related vehicle accidents.

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