3. After watching Atlanta’s All-Pro receiver explode for 253 yards and two touchdowns on 12 receptions a week ago, Zimmer told FOX’s broadcast crew, “We know about how great Julio Johnson is, and i believe we’ll cover him a bit differently than Tampa Bay did.” Pro Bowl cornerback Xavier Rhodes joked he would shadow Johnson to begin aligning at linebacker if Johnson would moonlight within the backfield. With the aid of Minnesota’s safeties, Rhodes limited Johnson to some minimal 24 yards on two catches and 6 targets. Even when Johnson had were able to corral two high passes that bounced off his fingers, he could have been hard-pressed to achieve 50 yards. Locking lower No. 1 receivers all season, Rhodes is battling the Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey, the Chargers’ Casey Hayward and hotshot Saints rookie Marshon Lattimore for any first-team All-Pro place.

2. Inside a fight from the NFL’s best third-lower offense in comparison to the top-rated third-lower defense, the end result was lopsided (1 of 10) in support of Mike Zimmer’s troops. The Falcons shot themselves within the feet with penalties all mid-day, constantly putting Matt Ryan in third-and-lengthy situations against a tough-charging pass hurry that forced quick throws. The Vikings required away Julio Johnson and also the deep ball, smothering a crime that were humming towards the tune of the 66 percent rate of conversion on third downs in the last couple of days. To have their about coming back towards the Super Bowl alive, the Falcons will need to run roughshod over all of those other NFC South, with three games yet to experience from the front-running Saints and Panthers.

3. Exactly what a day for Eric Weddle. The veteran safety would be a feet in bounds shy of the acrobatic interception early, forced a turnover as he strip-sacked Stafford, after which capped his mid-day (and Baltimore’s defensive clamp-lower) having a 45-yard pick-six of Stafford substitute Mike Rudock. This Baltimore defense is sneaking toward becoming in the past good, and Weddle may be the life blood from the secondary. As the onus will end up slightly greater with losing Jimmy Cruz to some torn Achilles, games like Sunday’s show the veteran continues to be able to handle the duty.

Brady entered 65,000 career passing yards on Sunday, but put just for 82 first-half yards against a Bills front that unleashed a group of three- and 4-man blitz packages and required lower the signal-caller three occasions as Colonial managed just nine points within the first half an hour. Brady left the break wisely aiming throws to his backs and tight ends, with Take advantage of Gronkowski (9/147) overtaking following the half with 50 yards off three catches on the 10-play touchdown drive that place the Patriots up 16-3. Colonial simply held on after that.

» Jimmy Garoppolo looked just a franchise quarterback in the begin for that Bay Area 49ers.

2. Tom Savage is deserving of his receivers some great Christmas presents. Beginning with DeAndre Hopkins (eight catches, 80 yards) and ongoing completely through tight finish Stephen Anderson (five catches, 79 yards, one touchdown), Savage frequently tried to fit a camel with the eye of the needle, forcing passes into double coverage and inexplicably coming away untouched until his interception ended Houston’s last-ditch attempt to accept lead within the 4th. Lots of credit is a result of Hopkins, who battled through defenders to save leaves the claws of interceptions. Anderson made a similarly impressive become popular that late drive that led to a turnover. The purpose remains: Houston been successful with enough toss-ups to Texans receivers, using the hopes that individuals within the navy helmets will come away using the ball. That isn’t a fantastic formula. 2018 and also the resumption from the Deshaun Watson era can’t arrive here quick enough.

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