During treatment, it had been crucial that i can find items to occupy time. Besides searching toward hockey games, involving in Netflix series, studying, and making Shutterfly books, music grew to become my outlet.

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7. “Returning HomeInch — Diddy. This song performed when i ended my last radiation. I walked from the center to become accepted by my loved ones. GRADUATION DAY!

1. “Amazed” — Lonestar. This will be our wedding song. I’d pay attention to the song and merely watch my hubby put on a lot of hats and merely fall madly in love increasingly more with him. He’d just bring smiles to my face and that he did not know. “I wish to spend the remainder of my existence along with you by my side,” would get me each time. I simply appreciated every move he earned during treatment.

Editors’ note: Nicholle Anderson, the wife of Ottawa Senators goalkeeper Craig Anderson, will write your blog each Wednesday in November for National hockey league.com to assist mark Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness Month. 

11. “Hope Before Me” — Danny Gokey. This song would be a reference to God. Throughout my journey, my relationship with God increased to another level, between studying scriptural messages and Jesus is asking, watching YouTube videos, and hearing Christian music assist me to create a new relationship with God.

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Another chapter within my existence was new bands. That’s the way i met Craig. I had been bartending in the Gather in Davie, Florida while teaching 4th grade. I began listening night and day to new bands. A number of my personal favorite artists are Garth Brooks, George Strait and Alan Jackson.

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