– You need to do–

I believe Ndamukong Suh’s a significant football player. I believe as he was departing Detroit he was clearly among the two most impactful guys within the league around the defensive position, at that time within the league. I figured he was. I believed it was he and J.J. Watt. They did completely different things. However I thought these were both two of the most disruptive defensive linemen.

D line, you cannot do all of it on your own. However, you would agree, it is not as dependent on as a number of other people because the wide receiver is.

– He does not think that.

– Different subject. But the reality that I am making– Muhammad Wilkerson is yet another guy. He’s a really, excellent player. He’s compensated near, otherwise towards the top of his position. And he’s been in mediocre teams.

– OK. I did not say he’s resided to the contract in Miami. I stated, as he was departing Detroit I figured he was that much cla of player.

I believe Odell is a good example, special enough, and offences is dependent on him enough. He could say, apart from quarterbacks, nobody should earn more money than me.

– Another wide receivers are earning that cash.

– But Odell began the conversation by saying he wants is the greatest compensated player.

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