Morata’s goal only thrilled our spirits, because it must have been the situation as soon as Burnley got their first score. Emboldened through the Spaniard’s first goal after which in what might have been his second has it-not been eliminated for offside, Chelsea stored pushing with Alonso and Willian lower the flanks, and looking out for blue shirts within Burnley’s box.

Teh surge appeared to possess led to the 81st minute after Fàbregas selected up his second yellow (his first was for sarcastically clapping among the referees many poor decisions). Cesc will miss next weekend’s Spurs game, but when Chelsea show the spirit they demonstrated lower to simply 9 men, we may be fine.

All over again, here was another collective screw-up through the defense, from another mix in the right flank. This time around Vokes remained completely unmarked to thump a header past Courtois while David Luiz and Antonio Rüdiger accosted one another. Three-nil lower is nobody’s concept of a great time. Three-nil lower to Burnley is a whole lot worse.

Following the goal, along with the man advantage, Burnley started again their original plan of “attack”, letting Chelsea possess the ball. Regrettably for all of us, Chelsea couldn’t make anything happen as Batshuayi continued to be largely invisible, while Alonso and Willian couldn’t get it done on their own. And also the Burnley struck again, because of a once-in-a-lifetime finish from Stephen Ward.

It might have been stupid of Cahill to choose this type of tackle right while watching referee, but there wasn’t any going back at this time. From dominating possession and being clearly they probably to attain, Chelsea switched right into a covering of themselves throughout the very first half and Burnley required the benefit using this.

Morata was obviously involved, because he is at everything good after his introduction, flicking on the great pass from Azpilicueta for David Luiz to slam home. 3 minutes and stoppage time continued to be, however the Bridge was rocking and Chelsea were buoyant. Chelsea could still salvage a place or three out of this whole mess!

After which came the very first impact. This is a dark tone-setter for the way the brand new-look defensive trio would fare today.

Matthew Lowton’s pinpoint mix after being located on the right was met with a rather free Mike Vokes within the box. But though Vokes was Burnley’s top goal scorer last season, his first touch isn’t produced from silk and that he mis-hit his shot rather badly. Still, it was enough to evade David Luiz, who’d switched his back, as well as goalie Thibaut Courtois, who appeared to become moving slower than molasses.

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