The relief searched for through the lady isn’t restricted to her situation but additionally seeks action from the “unrestrained, dishonest executives” of Uber.

When requested if Delhi Police would hold an interior analysis to determine if anybody within the department shared the medical reports with Alexander, the individual stated he was not aware from the suit filed in California.

Another senior Delhi cop, requesting anonymity, indicated the potential of Alexander obtaining the reports in the accused. “Since the charge sheet was filed in under 20 days, a duplicate (from the medical reports) was posted towards the court which subsequently could have been provided towards the accused. There’s possible that Alexander might have acquired the reports in the cab driver.”

But he added: “I see pointless why the Delhi Police will be put off by holding an inquiry if there’s a complaint filed in connection with this. We’ve not received any complaint to date. The complainant is thanks for visiting submit a complaint if she so desires.”

It adds “by rewarding employees who perform, no matter complaints of discrimination, illegal conduct or dishonest practices, Uber has produced an unrestrained untenable work atmosphere that enables as well as encourages employees to take part in shocking and inappropriate behaviour”.

“Uber’s objective of dominating and manipulating the emerging ridehailing market at the fee for a proper workplace culture free from illegal invasions of privacy and discrimination is really a calculated decision produced by senior executives that continues with the present,” the suit reads.

Deputy commissioner of police Madhur Verma told ET: “Alexander would be a mere witness within the situation. He’d nothing use the medical records from the victim.” Hence, Verma added, there wasn’t any occasion for that investigating officer from the situation to talk about the medical reports with Alexander.

Inside a suit demanding a jury trial filed inside a California court, she stated that Asia-Off-shore mind Alexander got the medical reports from Delhi Police and “carried these questions briefcase and waved the reports around Uber offices.” Alexander is not with Uber.

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