“The local retail community has always welcomed (the florida sales tax) holiday, ” Woodside stated. “We think it is very advantageous.”

“I don’t anticipate lots of (people likely to Florida to look),” Rickansrud stated. “I think if we’re good with this marketing and promotions, we’ll do good business here.”

Jordan stated despite Florida’s florida sales tax holiday, August. 4-6, she hopes individuals will still buy in your area.

Georgia’s neighboring states — including Florida, Alabama and Sc — continuously have tax holidays this season.

Nate Rickansrud, manager of Target’s Brunswick location, stated it’s too soon to inform what a complete detox of not getting a tax-free weekend this season is going to be. However, he isn’t excessively concerned.

“We hope people continuously frequent local companies, and hopefully (shopping) will undoubtedly be disseminate over four days rather of a single weekend,” Jordan stated.

Obama from the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, Woodsy Woodside, stated he was surprised the florida sales tax holiday wasn’t restored this season. Not getting a florida sales tax holiday might put Georgia on the less even arena with Florida and Georgia’s other neighbors who’ll possess the florida sales tax holiday this season, based on Woodside.

The neighborhood Target has already been seeing more and more people shopping early for back-to-school supplies this season, purchases from individuals who might otherwise have anxiously waited for any florida sales tax holiday, he stated.

Unlike years back, there won’t be a back-to-school florida sales tax holiday this summer time for products for example school supplies, computers and garments.

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