The Noida authority sets-up a good waste management facility through public-private-partnership (PPP) model for disposal of solid waste, officials stated.It’s searched for a manifestation of interesting proposals from private agencies getting knowledge of solid waste disposal. The interested agencies can submit their proposals, technology to deal with solid waste and detailed profile of the organization that’s been employed in scientific disposal of solid waste.

The Noida authority made the decision to build up a landfill site in Noida because the Greater Noida authority takes “a lengthy time” in developing the ability at Astoli.

Noida, a properly-planned industrial city established in 1976 is yet to possess a landfill site to deal with its waste. The authority collects solid waste and dumps it at vacant places. It dumps waste in sector 137, 138, 85 along with other areas. Residents, who’ve shifted in to these recently developed sectors, have began objecting towards the landfill nearby their societies.

When the agencies will submit their proposals and treatment by August 23, the authority will give them a call for presentation. Subsequently the authority will finalise individuals agencies, that has most advanced technology to deal with waste without creating polluting of the environment around. The company that is useful for minimum amount is going to be finalized to do the job in next 2 or 3 several weeks, stated officials.

Earlier the Noida authority and also the Greater Noida authority decided to create-up a landfill site at Greater Noida’s Astoli landfill site spread on 110 acres of land.

“We can send certain parts in our waste at Astoli too afterwards when it’s ready. However you want to set-up a good waste management facility in Noida as quickly as possible because there’s no landfill site for waste disposal,” stated Prasad.

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