• Hunters and anglers support greater than 680,000 U.S. jobs.

What’s sometimes overlooked for the reason that message, however, is the fact that any conservation measures that benefit game species also typically benefit other species that aren’t hunted, fished or trapped. Wildlife, and those that like to see wildlife, whether or not they search or fish, are winners due to the experience of individuals who produced these programs during a period when most game and fish populations were reduced compared to what they are today.

• By 2012, hunters and target shooters have compensated greater than $7.2 billion in excise taxes with the Federal Help with Wildlife Restoration Act (sometimes known as the Pittman-Robertson Act) since its passage in 1937.

• Americans yearly buy greater than 1 billion shotshells.

Also incorporated is software to teach new hunters on safety and conservation, and construct boat ramps and handicap-accessible fishing piers. To place it one other way, if it requires hunting and fishing in North Dakota, hunters and anglers are adding into it.

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