“We told him just bring it in the back and we would get it running,” Giroski said, adding that if its mechanical they could likely fix it.

“I tell people if I won’t put it in my mother’s car, a relative’s car or mine, I won’t put it in yours,” Giroski said.

To say that this was a new foray into business would be wrong — the relatively new addition to the region’s industry was helmed by a family with more than five decades in the business.

So far the brothers have had some success in Woodland, though the pace is definitely slower than back across the river. The Giroskis have been able to account for the change by planning ahead — whereas in the past it would be quick to get needed parts, the brothers are thinking a few days in advance.

In spring of last year those driving state Route 503 by Woodland may have been able to see what appeared to be a brand-new automotive repair center as Master Transmission and Automotive officially opened its doors April 1. 

As to why their work seems to last, Giroski said it came down to not settling for less when it comes to parts.

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