Lengthy-term is a result of a Phase 3 medical trial, EF-14, assessing adding Novocure’s (NVCR -.7%) Optune to temozolomide in patients with recently diagnosed glioblastoma demonstrated extended survival and improved quality of existence. The information were presented in the American Society for Radiation Oncology 2017 Annual Meeting in North Park.

The research shown that adding Optune extended median overall survival (OS) by almost five several weeks when compared with temozolomide alone. When measured every year, the proportion of surviving patients within the Optune cohort was better than temozolomide. The 5-year rate of survival favored Optune, 13% versus 5%.

Optune is a non-invasive device that produces alternating “wave-like” electric fields known as Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields). It delivers its therapy to brain tumors through four transducer arrays put on the scalp.

Health-related quality-of-existence with time didn’t differ considerably backward and forward arms, except itchy skin, that was worse within the Optune group.

More patients given Optune (53%) than temozolomide (38%) reported stable or improved scores on global health status, discomfort, physical functioning and leg weakness. Deteriorization-free survival favored Optune, 4.8 several weeks versus. 3.3 several weeks.


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