That stated, a liberal meaning of the term “consumer” is needed here — the Titan V costs $2,999 and it is focused around AI and scientific simulation processing. Nvidia claims 110 teraflops of performance from the 21.1 billion transistors, with 12GB of HBM2 memory, 5120 CUDA cores, and 640 “tensor cores” which are stated to provide as much as 9x the deep-learning performance of their predecessor.

It appears like Nvidia announces the quickest GPU ever multiple occasions annually, and that’s exactly what’s happened again today the Titan V is “the most effective PC GPU ever produced,” in Nvidia’s words. It represents a far more significant leap than most products which have renedered claiming, however, as it is the very first consumer-grade GPU based on Nvidia’s new Volta architecture.

Also it’s available in gold and black, which looks pretty awesome.

“Our vision for Volta ended up being to push the outer limits of high end computing and AI. We broke new ground using its new processor architecture, instructions, statistical formats, memory architecture and processor links,” Nvidia founder and Chief executive officer Jensen Huang states inside a statement. “With Titan V, we’re putting Volta in to the hands of researchers and scientists around the globe. I can’t wait to determine their breakthrough breakthroughs.”

There isn’t any word on when Volta might escape into more attainable gaming-focused GPUs. Nvidia’s current Pascal architecture was introduced more than a year . 5 ago using the GTX 1080, which still remains among the best gaming GPUs available — simply capped in performance by its turbocharged successor, the GTX 1080 Ti. Volta GPUs will always be more costly for Nvidia to create, so the organization might want to ride the Pascal wave as lengthy as it can certainly.

The Titan V can be obtained today and it is restricted to two per customer.

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