employed for transitional housing for individuals who are freed from jail who don’t possess a safe and/or sober atmosphere to go back to, continuation of 1 position and overtime buy one sheriff’s office deputy on home visits

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employed for drug testing, incentives and registration/travel costs to go to the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals annual conference

The Michigan Top Court awarded greater than $11 million to 89 courts statewide to finance the operation these programs. Of this $11 million, $802,100 was given to courts in Oakland County.

• Oakland County Circuit Court, Juvenile Drug Court, $49,000

These courts carefully supervise offenders who’re needed to join treatment programs and become drug tested regularly.

employed for the continuation of partial funding for 2 positions

The grant funding pays for all those following:

“The funding from all of these grant programs is essential to Michigan’s drug and sobriety courts since it permits them to keep doing the things they’re doing best: saving lives, saving cash, strengthening families, and building more powerful communities,” stated Condition Court Administrator Milton Mack, Junior.

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