For the following 5 days, the church will require donations and stack them in trucks and vans before driving supplies southeast.

This time around volunteers will bunch boxes with cleaning utility caddy, toiletries, stuffed creatures and blankets, but Teague states they’re not able to get it done alone.

Victory Hill Church will require donations beginning Monday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., until Friday.

A main Ohio church is beginning to gather supplies for that ton sufferers in West Virginia.

Pastor Teague states the church will offer you help how they understand how. Victory Hill Church has offered disaster relief during the last 11 years.

“We are there to provide them hope, offer them the next, offer them tomorrow when today’s been shattered. So that is what you want to go and do,” Pastor Teague stated.

Teague states his volunteers can make several journeys, as much as it requires, to provide even a little bit of comfort.

“Any devastation we have seen, this really is most likely 100 occasions worse. You will find metropolitan areas under water, you will find small cities under water that should never be exactly the same, so that they anxiously need our help,” Pastor Teague stated.

Helping people once they require it most has turned into a mission in Carroll, Ohio.

“We are not just boxing products up, we are not just loading trucks, we are loading hope,” Teague stated.

Victory Hill Church in Fairfield County will load trucks and vans filled with cleaning utility caddy, toiletries, stuffed creatures and blankets before volunteers result in the trip southeast.

Get more information at a summary of supplies needed.

Ohio’s neighbor continues to be hit by having an unimaginable tragedy.

The aid of Victory Hill Church looks a lot more like an set up line. Teague states it’ll stretch greater than 100 miles towards the disaster in West Virginia. CBS News reviews the once-a-century ton has wiped out a minimum of 24 and destroyed 44 of West Virginia’s 55 areas.

Lead Pastor Tim Teague informs 10TV their trip is not only delivering boxes, sturdy delivering aspire to those who have experienced devastation.

Teague states volunteers have assisted with tornado damage, flooding and hurricane aftermath through the years.

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