Ohio Disability Legal rights executive director Michael Kirkman told HuffPost’s Jonathan Cohn that “there isn’t any question” the Affordable Care Act’s State medicaid programs expansion has “been a general positive for those who have disabilities as well as their families in Ohio.”

Pence was making the situation for Senate Republicans’ Obamacare repeal efforts during remarks in a Friday gathering from the National Governors Association in Rhode Island. Protecting the most recent form of the Senate Republican healthcare bill, including massive cuts to State medicaid programs funding, Pence stated Obamacare’s growth of this program had led to “far a lot of able-bodied adults” on State medicaid programs, particularly calling out Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R).

“In fact, as we expanded, the governor signed into law the biggest purchase of the machine for that developmentally disabled within the good reputation for this program — $286 million. To state State medicaid programs expansion were built with a negative effect on the (developmental disabilities) product is false, because it is quite contrary of the items really happened.”

Did ACA hurt people w/disabilties in Ohio, as @VP stated yesterday?

I requested Michael Kirkman @DisabilityRtsOH — this is what he stated: pic.twitter.com/wcW0fR4a0W

Kasich spokesman Jon Keeling first taken care of immediately the remark with a Friday tweet saying, “that’s what we should call #fakenews,” later telling The Washington Publish the assertion “is not accurate.” 

For additional about how the home and Senate healthcare bills compare from the Affordable Care Act, visit here.

The governor’s office along with a disability legal rights group in Ohio are rejecting V . P . Mike Pence’s “false” claim about State medicaid programs benefits for that state’s disabled citizens. 

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