Greg Thies, Albemarle County

People and property are in risk, as continues to be proven frequently nationwide. Probably the most notable was the melee in Berkeley, California, where out-of-control, self-described resisters clashed with police, leading to persons being hurt and property being broken.

In my opinion, the resisters here, brought by Mayor Signer, would be the primary obstacle to advance for making Charlottesville a much better community.

Charlottesville and Albemarle public safety officers have observed a substantial increase in disrespectful, abusive behavior this season, a pattern that coincides with Mayor Signer’s declaration. If maintaining charge of potentially volatile situations requires heavier firepower, then so whether it is. When resisters cease their violent practices, the funds going toward equipment purchases might be employed for more peaceful purposes.

Charlottesville continues to be declared the main city from the Resistance by Mayor Mike Signer. Although this is a political ploy to advertise his greater aspirations, this type of declaration regrettably emboldens some to disrespect and disobey police.

How come believe that it is sad that some residents might feel safer understanding that our mother and father military-quality equipment to complete the work they do (“Why the heavy firepower?”, August. 7)?

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