The concept started in 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark, sparked with a youth-brought organization known as Steer clear of the Violence. Based on, the aim of human libraries would be to “challenge [people’s] stereotypes,” creating dialogues among different people hoping creating greater knowledge of different existence pathways.

People from the community is going to be open to be “checked out” for conversations regarding their lives and encounters. A few of the living books who definitely are readily available for discussions incorporate a transgender lady, an initial responder, an atheist trying to overcome prejudice against atheism, a parent or gaurdian of a kid with Lower Syndrome along with a domestic-abuse survivor and more.

Contact Trevor at Follow @TIFraserOS on Twitter and @osetcetera on Instagram. Make sure to submit event listings at

Getting involved in an idea that’s been distributing world-wide during the last 2 decades, Orlando Public Library will host an individual Library on Saturday from 1-4 p.m.

As they say, don’t judge a magazine by its jacket … or its pants.

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