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Amazon’s Alexa can send texts for AT&T customers beginning tomorrow – The Verge

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Amazon . com&#39s Alexa can send texts for AT&ampT customers beginning tomorrow
The Verge
AT&ampT just announced that beginning tomorrow, its mobile customers can compose and send texts using Amazon . com&#39s Alexa assistant. If you&#39ve got an Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Us dot somewhere in the home, you are able to ask Alexa to “have AT&ampT&nbsp…
AT&ampT Customers Can Send Texts Via Amazon . com Echo Beginning TomorrowAndroid Existence (pr release) (blog)
Amazon . com Alexa&#39s Latest Skill Is Delivering AT&ampT TextsAndroid Headlines
Alexa will quickly have the ability to send texts through AT&ampTTechCrunch
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Sean Christopher Lewis’s DOGS OF RWANDA Will get NNPN Moving Premiere This Year – Broadway World

NNPN provides production support towards the playwright and also the partnering theaters, including help with the creation and also the contracting from the premiere agreement, collaborative interactions between your theaters, and money for that playwright’s residency in every city to help get the play.

Sean Christopher Lewis's DOGS OF RWANDA Gets NNPN Rolling Premiere This SeasonSean Christopher Lewis is definitely an award-winning multimedia artist employed in radio (This American Existence) film (the award-winning These Hopeless Savages) comics (Image Comics’ Saints), and theater. As Artistic Director of Working Group Theatre, he’s produced and toured work over the U . s . States, East Africa, Europe, and Canada winning the NEFA National Theatre Project Award, the nation’s Performance Network Creation Fund Award, Ron Graf Human Legal rights Award, and been lauded within the NY Occasions and .

His play Black and Blue, about police brutality, lately premiered at Riverside Theatre and the comic work continues this The month of january using the Couple of from Image Comics.

His plays and solo performances including Kiladelphia, Just Kids, Militant Language, and also the Aperture have won the NNPN Cruz Prize, the Kennedy Center’s Rosa Parks Award, the William Inge Fellowship, the Barrymore Award, and also have been created at Baltimore Centerstage, Interact Theatre, Southern Repetition, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Salt Lake Acting Company, Riverside Theatre, Actors Summit, Know Theatre, Sandglass Theatre, Hancher Auditorium, Redfern Performing Arts Center, and much more. He’s took part in the NNPN MFA Playwrights Workshop in the Kennedy Center, and received an NNPN Moving World Premiere for his play Manning Up. Being an actor, he’s labored Off Broadway, in film, and tv. He is constantly on the run Working Group and can serve as the Artistic Director of NNPN Member Theater, Riverside Theatre in Iowa City, Iowa.

Dogs of Rwanda show art thanks to 16th Street Theater

The Texas Miracle #31: Goodnight and Best Of Luck, Y’all! – Texas Observer

The Texas Miracle #31: Goodnight and Best Of Luck, Y&#39all!
Texas Observer
Now, we present the ultimate edition from the Texas Miracle, the Texas Observer&#39s weekly compendium of all you need to know, but maybe wish you didn&#39t, concerning the Lone Star Condition. We pointed out this a few episodes ago, however it&#39s really

Greatest critic of rancher losses to Florida panthers is first to obtain government reimbursement –

Like Wiliams, she’s hopeful other ranchers can “use mine like a model” and obtain reimbursed too.

Rather, she stated, her organization works together with ranchers along with other animals proprietors to figure out ways to safeguard their herds from falling victim towards the panthers, and on the other hand to safeguard the panthers from being considered being an enemy.

However a College of Florida study that put tracking devices on Priddy’s cattle and also the cattle at another ranch documented that panthers were indeed taking about 3 % from the calves. That actually works to “about 1,200 calves annually that the ranchers are losing,” Priddy stated. Should you figure each calf weighs 550 pounds, she stated, “that’s $660,000 that ranches in only two counties in Florida are losing. This is a conservative estimate.”

“We are getting to pry that cash from the authorities, literally,” she stated. “It has not been easy.Inch She stated the bureaucrats behave like the cash “is appearing out of their own individual checkbooks.”

The issue is showing the reason for their losses. The guidelines say the us government can’t shell out a cent unless of course there’s some proof that the federally endangered species wiped out the ranchers’ creatures.

LIVE Milos Raonic – Dominic Thiem – ATP World Tour Finals Tennis – 17 November 2016 – kingdom


LIVE Milos Raonic – Dominic Thiem – ATP World Tour Finals Tennis – 17 November 2016 kingdom
World Tour Finals – Stick to the Tennis match between Milos Raonic and Dominic Thiem accept Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 17 November 2016. Our live coverage enables you to follow all of the key moments because they happen. Mind-to-mind: see historic&nbsp…
Djokovic states restructuring Davis Cup is &#39no brainer&#39
Is Novak Djokovic failing at ATP World Tour Finals because he chases lower Andy Murray?
Djokovic unhappy over Davis
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How Jared Kushner, like Jesse Trump, used his wealthy, fortunate upbringing to get at the White-colored House – Salon

Jesse Trump built a real business having a small $a million loan as well as an undisclosed fraction of his father Fred’s believed $250 million to $300 million estate. Despite numerous bankruptcies on the way, Trump parlayed his reputation as a business person into an outsider’s campaign for that top job within the land.

NBC News reported on Wednesday that Trump had requested Kushner “receive top-secret clearance to participate him for his Presidential Daily Briefings, which started Tuesday.” Trump designated Kushner and upon the market lieutenant general Mike Flynn “his staff-level buddies for that briefings moving forward,Inches sources told NBC.

Ivanka and Donny Junior. visit some country — your house Russia, without particular reason — and arrange a conference having a developer. They advise a deal the Trump corporation has transported in places around the globe, where the local developer builds a resort or hotel, then slaps the Trump name onto it and pays the Trumps huge amount of money in licensing charges for that privilege. And your house that developer just ends up having ties, openly known or else, towards the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. And your house he provides the Trump corporation very favorable terms — which, being savvy businesspeople, Ivanka and Donny accept. You’d then possess a situation where the Russian dictator has, via a proxy, deposited millions or perhaps millions of dollars in to the banking account from the president from the U . s . States.

Now Jesse Trump’s namesake, 38, states he’s running for mayor of recent You are able to City the coming year, meaning incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio might find yourself in the third circle of the Trumps’ hell.

The main one factor qualifying Jared Kushner for a place in the father-in-law’s White House could also disqualify him for any place in the father-in-law’s White-colored House: nepotism.

Trump, for his part, denied on Wednesday he had searched for such clearance, tweeting, “I am not looking to get ‘top level security clearance’ for the kids. It was a typically false report.Inches

According to a Boston Globe columnist, Kushner’s father, millionaire property developer Charles, compensated $2.5 million to obtain his boy into Harvard and $3 million to obtain him into New You are able to College, where Jared earned his Master of business administration and law degrees.”His GPA didn’t warrant it, his Sitting scores didn’t warrant it. We thought, without a doubt, there wasn’t any way this would happen,” the official from his senior high school told in the year 2006. And thus, a guy who’d no enterprise finding yourself in poison ivy, not to mention the Ivy League, was placed on the short track for you to get his bogus meritocracy trophy.

Kushner, 35, is President-elect Jesse Trump’s boy-in-law (considered a “relative” underneath the aforementioned U.S. code). But the Nj native has become eyeing a far more legally ambiguous “special counsel” role, based on the Wall Street Journal. Presuming a casual advisory role in Trump’s White-colored House would allow Kushner, sans paycheck, to both skirt anti-nepotism law and keep his companies: Kushner Qualities and Observer Media.

Elite white-colored-collar lawyers are finally getting their comeuppance – CNBC

“The key indicator of change undoubtedly is data gathering and knowledge acquisition. All of the information is there and it is more and more enabling competition and pushback inside a strong way. If you’re charging me three occasions around another person, do you know me what’s unique relating to this deposition. In-house corporate counsel hasn’t had that power before, but do now,” Dolin stated.

Among the first 100 employees at Google, Ron Dolin labored on the indexing and retrieval of knowledge on the massive scale. Before that, he would be a physicist focusing on data acquisition and computer controls at European particle accelerator CERN, where scientists explore the essential laws and regulations of nature that induce and destroy universes. The physics and information technology came together for Dolin inside a surprising place: solicitors. Dolin does not think the standard structure from the legal world can survive what’s from the realm of artificial intelligence.

“For whatever reason, partners think it’s taking money from their pocket to purchase new systems,” Dolin stated.

Just one factor is for certain. “Firms sitting on their laurels is going to be completely gone,” Parker stated.

But from his perspective attempting to education generation x of lawyers, billable hrs are just one problem inside the bigger problem of methods legal partnerships think — they do not think like corporations in which a part of revenue is compensated to shareholders by means of dividends and all of those other money put back to R&ampD and systems. Partners are generally the organization managers and shareholders.

Artificial intelligence software can perform anything review work of first-year law associates in a speed and scale that no human could — or should — be requested to complete. So that as A.I. systems be common, it might be more problematic for lawyers not to follow that trend.

Did someone take Sands Casino for any bundle? – Allentown Morning Call

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“Someone most likely won lots of money in their tables,” stated Richard McGarvey gaming control board spokesman. “We’ll never fully realize, but there is not another apparent explanation. It is the nature of table games. Unlike slots, they are able to have big variances depending on how much people win.”

For any casino that simply brought the condition this past year with $217 million in revenues this past year, the October drop is really a blip around the balance sheet – one apt to be composed within the coming several weeks.

The 2009 week, Sands officials announced a $90 million casino expansion which will add 81 tables and 370 slots. Construction is anticipated to start as soon as The month of january.

The collective table games revenue statewide generated $11.5 million in tax money.

Eminem’s ‘Infinite’: Producers Revisit, Remix MC’s Inauspicious Debut –

How have you meet Eminem?
Mark Bass:
I had been driving within my vehicle in ’95 or ’96 and heard him around the radio. It had been like, “Whoa, who’s this?” He was doing a wide open mic with [WJLB-FM programmer Lisa Orlando] in Detroit. And That I was like, “Wow, who’s this kid? I have gotta get him to the studio.” This is when I known as to radio stations station and requested, “Put me on the telephone using the guy.” After which 4 o’clock each morning, a lot of kids demonstrated up inside my studio. It had been Marshall and also of other guys.

Shaun Bass: Denaun Porter was an incredible producer. For any youthful kid in those days, he’d the sensibility. And also the mixture of what he did and just what Michael Wilder did … I believe the mixture of the items they did was magical. We could not obtain the masses to understand the things they did. We have resided in Detroit our whole lives. We have stored our core business in Detroit. The only real time we left Detroit ended up being to visit California in 1998 to obtain along with Jimmy [Iovine] and Dre. So, two decades ago, it had been about, let us get as many folks from Detroit as possible, and everyone includes a shot to behave in the industry.

Most likely probably the most surprising factor on Infinite is hearing him rap, “In the middle of this madness, I discovered my Christianity through God” on “It’s OK.” Eminem has not been especially spiritual in the lyrics since.
Kevin Wilder: Well, he was dealing with a fairly hard time attempting to break through and obtain people to hear him. And everybody on the planet is aware of his personal issues while he laid it up for grabs. And So I guess you are able to chalk that as an audio lesson where he’s flowing his heart out about exactly what happening in the existence.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Infinite, the Bass Siblings and Kevin Wilder spoken about the building of the album, Em’s exposure to J Dilla and George Clinton, where he really got the name “Slim Shady.”

Two decades later, what’s your opinion from the Infinite album?
Shaun Bass: Well, the songwriting is amazing in those days. It’s like every artist just beginning out. Should you ever pay attention to Michael Jackson before he was Michael Jackson or Prince, these were more youthful-sounding, however, you will easily notice there is something there. Clearly, the fans who’ll purchase this specific project can get it. They’ll realise why. … After I hear Eminem from two decades ago, I’m able to hear Eminem today. I’m able to hear the nuances in the tone, and the rhythm was insane, which is him beginning out like a kid. We recognized there was something there which was special. Clearly the planet wound up saying yes using what i was feeling.

Mark Bass: The Hip-Hop Shop was the area for everyone to obtain together.

Kevin Wilder: Should you return, I am a co-producer around the Infinite album, and I am listed as “Slim.” He walked in to the [Bassment Seem] studio on Eight Mile, and that he stated, “I am stealing your company name!Inch And I am, like, go right ahead! You could have it Because I am not likely to so something with it.” And it will be history.

To discover, they applied exactly the same treatment they utilized as co-producers on subsequent Eminem hits like “Lose Yourself,” and replayed a lot of the Infinite material with live instruments with no samples. The brand new remixes of some Infinite tracks can look on digital services and, soon, limited-edition 7-inch singles.

That which was the Detroit hip-hop scene like at that time?
Mark Bass: There several things happening … nothing that broke through, though. Around that point was when J Dilla was coming with all of his stuff. He was real influential overall project. J Dilla would be a big influence for Mr. Porter, who labored around the album around. You realize, Detroit’s a little city.

Driver dies after Rawley Pike crash near West Virginia line – WHSV

Sandra “Sandy” Blackburn known as WHSV today to inform us that Bobby Joe was her boy. She would like to warn everybody against driving recklessly and also to always put on your seatbelt.

Bobby Joe Blackburn-Barton Junior. died at UVA Clinic at approximately 11:03 p.m. Wednesday night.

Condition Mother and father not identified the motive force at the moment. They are saying speed might have been an issue, but that can’t be confirmed, and also the driver wasn’t putting on a seatbelt.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center told WHSV over the telephone the crash is reported in the very first turn heading in the mountain into West Virginia. This really is in regards to a half hour drive west of downtown Harrisonburg. VDOT states this crash is near Last Left Ln.

There have been no passengers within the vehicle, and also the driver was traveled to UVA Clinic in serious coundition.


There’s apparently an automobile on its side. WHSV includes a reporter on the way to the scene to verify additional information. It’s unclear once the road may reopen.

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Veterans administration. (WHSV) — UPDATE (3:13 p.m., November. 17):