Saeed: A society creates myths that gives more power to the man. Some of these common myths say that if a woman is beaten up by her husband, she must have been the one who has the habit of talking back. This is called justifying violence.

We will one day be more powerful and women will be more persistent in seeking justice because they need to know that if if we take ourselves for granted, others will too.

Saeed: Religion is used a lot when it comes to women. Nobody will say, “The rapist was Muslim, why did he do that?” But if a woman did not cover herself, she will be told that she is not religious enough.

The rape and murder of a seven-year old girl named Zainab last week in the Pakistani city of Kasur prompted thousands to stage rallies to demand justice.

Al Jazeera: How has the role of religion been used, or abused, in this? 

Most importantly, women should start giving information to their daughters and not go hush hush about it. It is about time now.

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