“It might also provide the additional aftereffect of growing the responsibility around the ambulance service as people could rather just call an ambulance to obtain a devote A&ampE.”

The British Medical Association (BMA) and College of Emergency Medicine stated this type of plan was misguided and also the pressure on the&ampE departments was really because of seriously ill people requiring care.

“Patients deserve better and may wish to understand how these new limitations is going to be policed. Do ministers really expect sick patients to become switched away in the A&ampE door?”

“All of this suggested system would do is add an additional layer of paperwork for patients as well as an extra burden around the NHS, Gps navigation, or any other clinicians.

Speaking in a conference documented on tape by Pulse magazine, Dr Thomas stated: “So, Jeremy Search has pointed out with a of my colleagues that perhaps we ought to possess a ‘talk before you decide to walk’ so we might pilot that.

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