Nevertheless the Royal College of Surgeons stated even though the study confirmed the ‘safety, skill and expertise’ of female surgeons, patients shouldn’t aim to select a surgeon the foundation of sex.

Although around 58 percent of medical students are actually women, just 11 percent of surgeons in great britan are female.

Women have lengthy battled for equal recognition within the male-dominated profession of medicine, but new research shows that female surgeons may really possess the upper – and perhaps steadier – hands.

The study was printed within the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

“Nor shall we be believing that the sex from the surgeon will emerge being an important determinant of the good outcome for patients getting surgery.”

Dr Raj Satkunasivam stated “Women and men practise medicine differently, although little research exists around the variations in mastering styles, purchase of skills, or outcomes for male and female surgeons.

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