“We’ll demand the refund from the 3 billion compensated for that Dengvaxia which Sanofi setup an indemnification fund to pay for the hospitalization and treatment for those children who may have severe dengue,” Duque stated in a news conference, adding that the government legal team may also consider Sanofi’s accountability.

Duque stated the Philippines will wait for recommendation to be sold in a few days by several immunization pros who provide advice around the world Health Organization.

The Philippine government requires reimbursement of three.5 billion pesos ($69.5 million) from vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur and check out possible law suit following a study demonstrated the vaccine utilized in a dengue immunization program could expose many people to certain illness, the chief stated Friday.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III stated the federal government may also seek compensation to treat children who may develop severe dengue. No deaths happen to be confirmed, but a minumum of one immunized child is promoting dengue.

Another possible dengue situation had been investigated, he stated.

Sanofi Pasteur stated its lengthy-term follow-up study from the vaccine demonstrated sustained benefits for approximately six years for individuals who’d an earlier dengue infection, however that individuals who didn’t have dengue had an elevated chance of a serious situation and hospitalization in the third year after immunization.

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