A short while later, two men were delivered at Hennepin County Clinic, suffering non-existence-threatening gunshot wounds.

Anybody with info on the shooting is requested to police at 612-692-8477. Detectives appear at first sight talking to many people and reviewing surveillance video that could have taken the shooting.

Everybody the shots were fired shortly before 3 a.m. in North fourth Street and second Avenue North. Upon arrival, officials found no sufferers and spoken with people in the region.

New york (WCCO) – Police in New york say a shooting early Sunday morning left one man having a bullet wound on his leg and the other man having a grazing gunshot wound on his mind.

Detectives stated the shooting had nothing related to the on-going weekend Pride festivities in New york.

Everybody the preliminary analysis shows the shooting wasn’t random and happened between two groups of folks that understood one another.

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